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Jiangsu Tech - Division of Metal Injection Molding
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Jiangsu Tech - Division of Metal Injection Molding
24F, No 8, Zhongshan Nanlu Nanjing Jiangsu 210005 China
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Davy Xia

Jiangsu Tech - Division of Metal Injection Molding


Metal Injection Molding Parts

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Metal Injection Molding Parts

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Metal Injection Molding China

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Jiangsu Tech


17-4 PH

Metal Injection molding (MIM) is a metal processing technology that converts metallic powder into useful engineering components of various shapes and properties. The major advantage of MIM is its ability to make highly complex, high precision parts at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies such as machining and investment casting. It has gained widespread popularity in a wide array of applications from automotive seat belt components, electric contacts, soft magnetic cores, to a variety of structural applications.

Benefits of the MIM Process:
Excellent Surface Finishes
Ability to use the benefits of
Controlled Porosity
Excellent Tolerance Control
Very Good Net-Shape Capabilities
Low to High Volume Capable Process
Very Cost-Effective Processing
Inexpensive Materials

Over the past 20 years, Jiangsu Tech has become an industry leader in conventional press and sintered materials. We specialize in complex, multi-level components; with materials offerings range from stainless steel,iron based material,iron-nickle alloy,tungsten carbide etc. We provide MIM solutions to industries from automotive, medical,electronic...


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